Tractor Price in India

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Tractors hold a special place in the hearts of Indian farmers they’re not just machines but cherished companions in the agricultural journey. In the vast Indian tractor market, it’s not always easy to select the perfect tractor with so many choices. TractorGyan offers a convenient solution by presenting a comprehensive comparison of all the available tractors in one place. We understand that the best tractor isn’t always the most expensive one; it depends on your unique needs and budget. The tractor price in India for 2023 spans a wide range, starting from an affordable Rs. 2.45 lakh* and going up to Rs. 33.99 lakh* (on-road price). Indian farmers can access high-quality tractors at economical prices, making these essential tools accessible to all. To further simplify your decision-making, we provide a comprehensive list of on-road tractor prices, helping you compare various popular tractor models.

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