Fildena 150 Mg: A Path to Enhanced Erectile Dysfunction

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Fildena 150 mg, powered by the PDE-5 inhibitor sildenafil citrate, enhances blood flow in the penile tissues through the penal arteries, resulting in harder erections. Primarily designed for those dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), this generic sildenafil tablet is integral to ED and impotence treatments.

Buying Fildena 150 mg Online:

For those considering long-term ED treatment, purchasing Fildena 150 mg online involves comparing prices on various portals to identify the best deals and savings Buy Fildena 150 mg from Genericmedsstore. Fortune Healthcare, a prominent Indian pharmaceutical company, is the manufacturer and patent holder of Fildena 150 mg tablets.

Uses of Fildena 150 Mg Tablet:

The sole purpose of Fildena 150 mg tablets, categorized under generic sildenafil, is to enhance erectile effects temporarily, offering relief for erectile failure issues.

Dosage Guidelines:

Each Fildena 150 mg pill contains 150 mg of generic sildenafil, this higher dose is recommended for severe ED cases. Prior consultation with a doctor is crucial to ensure its safe usage.

Administration Instructions:

Oral intake of Fildena 150 mg with water is recommended. Avoid crushing or chewing the pill before ingestion.

Working Mechanism:

Similar to other PDE-5 inhibitors, Fildena 150 mg begins its effects by inhibiting PDE-5 hormones, promoting vasodilation in penile arteries through nitric oxide secretion. This increased blood flow leads to heightened penile sensitivity, allowing users to attain and maintain firmer, longer-lasting erections.


Other Dosage Options:

Fildena offers various dosage options, including Fildena 25 mg, Fildena 100 mg, Fildena 120 mg, Fildena Double 200mg,

Side Effects and Overdose:

While common side effects include headaches, dizziness, and stomach issues, severe reactions may occur. An overdose of Fildena 150 mg can lead to exacerbated side effects, emphasizing the importance of adhering to prescribed doses.

Drug Interactions and Precautions:

Certain antibiotics, antifungals, antiviral drugs, nitrate-containing medicines, anti-blood coagulants, alpha-blockers, and drugs with ingredients other than generic sildenafil can interact with Fildena 150 mg. It is crucial to avoid fluid substances like alcohol and grapefruit juice during usage.

Warnings and Storage:

Potential users with severe heart, liver, kidney, or nervous disorders are advised to avoid Fildena 150 mg unless recommended by a doctor. Inform your healthcare provider about contradicting substances or surgeries. Proper storage conditions involve maintaining a low-humidity environment within a temperature range of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.


In summary, Fildena 150 mg stands as a promising solution for those seeking effective ED treatment. Through sildenafil citrate’s prowess, users can experience enhanced erectile function, providing temporary relief from ED challenges. Consulting healthcare professionals, understanding dosage guidelines, and being vigilant about potential interactions and precautions ensure the safe and effective utilization of Fildena 150 mg in managing ED.

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