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Marriage, a significant milestone in an individual’s life, can encounter various factors contributing to union delays. While societal shifts and changing priorities play a significant role, individuals often grapple with concerns such as mangal dosha, optimal timing, and the ideal age for marriage. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons for delay in marriage and explore potential remedies to address these concerns.

Reasons behind the Delay in Marriages:

1. Changing Societal Dynamics: In the modern era, societal norms are evolving, allowing individuals to prioritize personal growth and career development before committing to marriage. This shift often leads to a delay as people focus on education, professional achievements, and self-discovery.

2. Educational and Career Pursuits: Higher education and stable careers have become paramount for many individuals. The time and effort invested in achieving these goals often postpone marriage until educational and professional objectives are met.

3. Financial Considerations:  Rising living costs and economic uncertainty prompt individuals to delay marriage until they feel financially secure and able to provide a stable life for themselves and their future families.

4. Changing Relationship Dynamics: Modern attitudes towards relationships emphasize finding a compatible partner rather than settling quickly. This shift towards intentional partnering may extend the time it takes for individuals to find the right match, contributing to a delay in marriage.


In astrology, delays in marriage are often attributed to specific planetary positions, aspects, and combinations in an individual’s birth chart. Here are some common astrological reasons believed to contribute to delays in marriage:

Saturn’s Influence: Saturn is often associated with delays and obstacles. Its placement in key houses, especially the 7th house for marriage(related to marriage), can be considered a factor leading to delays.

Mangal Dosha: Mangal Dosha manifests when Mars occupies specific positions within the individual’s birth chart. It is believed to create obstacles in marriage and may lead to delays. 

7th House Afflictions: The 7th house is the primary house associated with marriage in astrology. Afflictions, such as malefic planets or challenging aspects of the 7th house, may indicate delays or difficulties in forming a marital relationship.

Retrograde Planets: The retrograde motion of planets, where they appear to move backwards in the zodiac, is considered significant in astrology. Some believe that the deterioration of planets, especially Venus or Jupiter, may cause delays in matters of love and marriage.

Position of Venus: Venus is the planet of love and romance. Its placement in the birth chart, aspects of Venus, and its condition in various houses can influence the romantic life of an individual. Unfavourable positions or aspects may lead to delays in marriage.


Remedies for Delay in Marriage:


1. Know Your Mangal Dosha: Mangal dosha, also known about Manglik dosha, is a belief in Vedic astrology that suggests the position of Mars in one’s birth chart can impact one’s marital life. Consulting with a knowledgeable astrologer can provide insights into the presence of mangal dosha and appropriate remedies to mitigate its effects.

2. Know Your Perfect Timing of Marriage: Astrology offers guidance on auspicious timing for marriage based on birth charts. By consulting an astrologer, individuals can identify favourable periods for marriage, enhancing the likelihood of a harmonious and prosperous union.

3. Consideration of Marriage Age: While societal expectations regarding the ideal age for marriage are shifting, it’s essential to consider personal readiness. Understanding oneself, establishing emotional maturity, and being financially stable contribute to a healthier approach to marriage, regardless of age.

Matrimony is pivotal in human life, and entering it at a reasonable age is prudent. Regardless of the factors contributing to delayed marriage, whether mentioned above or extending beyond, it is advisable to introspect and discern the underlying reasons. 

If you are experiencing delays in marriage and are seeking remedies, consider consulting with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi for personalized advice and guidance. A personal appointment can allow you to discuss your concerns, receive insights into your astrological chart, and explore potential remedies. Dr. Bajrangi may offer specific guidance and recommendations tailored to your circumstances by Aapki kismat. Remember that astrology is a belief system, and the effectiveness of remedies can vary from person to person. Taking proactive steps based on the advice provided and maintaining an open mind can contribute to your overall well-being and may positively influence the timing of significant life events like marriage.




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