What Is Moonstone & Interesting Moonstone Facts and Meaning

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A beautiful gemstone belonging to the feldspar family is moonstone. The stone, which resembles the moon, is recognized as the moon god’s representation. Moonstone has a pearly opalescent appearance and is made of sodium potassium aluminium silicate. The stone has a long history and is renowned for being highly potent and having a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Translucent moonstone is available in white, grey, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and Rainbow Moonstone in addition to the more traditional colors. People adore wearing moonstone because of the charm it contains. Moonstone represents feminine vitality and fresh starts. The moonstone is adorned with Moonstone Jewelry. From the tea plantations of Sri Lanka to the surreal coastlines of Madagascar, the Aurora lands of Norway, and the wide expanse of Australia, the Moonstone has been mined in many remote regions of the world.


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