Things To Know Before Activating Peacock Streaming Services

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Before activating your entertainment device to the Peacock streaming services one should get acquainted with the history to help in the present.

  • Compatible devices

There are numerous devices to which renders its streaming services for fun and entertainment.

Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecart, Playstation, Roku, Smart TVs and many others still stand in the lane in the list of compatible devices for Peacock.

  •  Prizes

Its package varies from free to premium plus with different incentives in each. 

Free package: 1. Free content

                        2. Only healthy connection required

                        3. 13,000 hours content available

                        4. Ads contained in it    

Premium option: 1. $4.99/month prized content

                           2. 20,000 hours content available

                           3. Limited Ads present.

Premium plus: 1. $50.00/year+ tax

                        2. Unlimited content

                        3. Ads free content 

  •  Free for Some Streaming Devices

Yes! You heard it right. PeacockTV has dynamic options from free premium services for some of the many streaming devices.

Have a look at those lucky streaming devices which are offered with such a beautiful incentive.

  • Cox
  • Xfinity flex
  • Ads supported version in Sony Playstation 4 

        & Playstation 4 Pro


1. Is there any free trial in the subscription package of Peacock TV ?

Yes! provides free trials for the new users as well as the premium and premium plan holder.

2. Is the PeacockTV services free to any extent for users?

PeacockTV content can be accessed through a free entry but much of its content is present in the paid version only. One also might have to face the Ads and commercials causing hindrance in between.

3. What is the limitation to the devices that PeacockTV holds on to through a single account?

One can enjoy the streams in 3 consecutive devices through a single account in Peacock TV.

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