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As great as all that sounds, let me be perfectly clear:

You don’t need a blog.

You don’t need it to write a book or to run a stellar book marketing campaign.

So if you’re not sure you want to start one, don’t.

That said, done right, a blog can help you. A blog can take a lot of different forms, and there might be one that appeals to you more than others.

More Reference :  www.microsoft.com /link

The only thing a blog is good for is producing content that helps people. There are many ways to do that.

You could answer one quick question every week. You could write longer content every quarter. You could even publish a series of podcasts or videos, writing scripts ahead of time or answering questions on the fly.

The point is to share your knowledge in a way that helps the types of people you want to serve—if you do that, it will help them and you.

More : Vudu.com/start

However you decide to do it, a blog can raise your visibility and expand your Author presence by:

  • driving new leads to your Author website
  • showing potential clients how much you know
  • increasing the number of other sites that link to yours
  • helping your SEO for Google and other search engines
  • linking to a mailing list to gather new subscribers

Most of all, a blog is a way to expand your Author platform, engage with your contacts on a regular basis, and keep yourself in front of your audience.

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Send that new content to your mailing list, publish it on LinkedIn, tweet it, post it, or include it on any other social media where you have a strong presence.

Charles Hensen Blogs is a fantastic example of on-brand blogging that looks great and draws readers in, providing a ton of value without a huge time commitment.

Things we love about the blog:

  • The clean design matches the style and colors of his book cover
  • All the post titles are catchy, promising entertainment as well as information
  • Each post includes a relevant embedded video (that he didn’t have to produce)
  • His contact info is in the footer, so visitors can reach out from any post
  • The footer also includes an outstanding Author photo, perfect for his brand

For reference     Spotify.com/pair



Finally, the blog offers a variety of content while focusing specifically on one question: how to hold onto customers. I can’t stress enough how awesome that is.

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